• Carolyn Chin-Parry, Chief Digital Officer for Prism joins us in the studio to share her expertise on Industry 4.0, discussing the importance of advanced planning and technological education to better prepare organisations for the future of work. Find inspiration in her confidence and laser focus on finding and taking opportunities throughout her career. We also talk about how she prioritises work, her family and her passion for volunteering, and explore themes around quotas for women in leadership and fully embracing female traits for successful leadership!

  • Ep #1 - Preeti Gupta, Director of Corporate Affairs, BMW Group Asia

    In our first episode, Preeti Gupta, Director of Corporate Affairs for BMW Group Asia takes us on her career journey: highlighting the big turning points and best decisions she's made, the best advice she's been given, and how she achieves balance with her hectic travel schedule. We'll also cover her move into automotive, the world of BMW and learn more about electrification of cars. A great chat to inspire you, help you learn when to take chances, and how to be bold!

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    Learn how she did it and the challenges she overcame, and celebrate the successes along the way!

    How She Did It is a monthly podcast -run not-for-profit and by volunteers - to empower Asia's women leaders to share their success stories, and for the younger generation to be inspired to become Asia's future leaders.

    If you are a woman leading the charge at the top of your career and would like to empower other women in their career journeys, we'd love to have you on the show!

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  • Your Hosts!

    Priyanka Nadkarni

    Managing Director,

    Window Seat Consulting (B2B marketing consultancy based in Singapore)

    For International Women's Day 2018, with the theme of #pressforprogress my pledge was to help the women in Asia progress by sharing their success stories and wise words of wisdom more easily.


    My experience has been that women are traditionally more humble, especially so in Asia, and as such, less likely to promote themselves and celebrate their successes. And I want to change that.


    And so, having taken a year to realise my pledge, I'm pleased to share How She Did It - Asia with my networks and the world! Come and hear the great stories of Asian women in business and be inspired! Please help us grow this worthwhile cause by sharing this to your networks.

    Charlotte Wilkinson


    Hello Sister (Asia’s first female focused brand consultancy)

    She was formerly the Regional MD and global Board Director for Clear M&C Saatchi. She’s been living and working in Asia since 2005 in Beijing, Hong Kong and for the past 8 years as Permanent Resident of Singapore.


    Understanding what makes women tick, what values drive them both personally and professionally is the main focus of her work. She works with businesses who are actively trying to target and engage women for clients like Unilever, Abbott Nutrition, Pernod Ricard and GSK, through to a number of female-led and female focused startups.


    As a mentor with women’s mentoring initiative Protégé she recognizes that the lack of visibility of female leaders and lack of positive role models is one of the key barriers to young women progressing in the region. As such she sees the Podcast as one of the opportunities to raise the awareness of some of the women doing a stellar job across Asia and in doing so motivating other women who need that role model to envisage their own potential.